The Pillar of the Seventh Dawn

Lunariqui Naïlo was summoned by the elder druids of the Circle of the Moon to attend them by nightfall on the 3rd day after the vernal equinox. Upon arriving, they charged her with the task of entering the shrine sealed into the side of the rock formation to stop evil from getting its hands on a relic inside and poisoning the land for days around.

A beam of moonlight shone upon the door, causing it to disappear and opening the door to a cave and shrine inside for the first time in an age. With her companions for the trip (Muna, Ido and Natan the Gray) she ventured inside and defeated the unquiet skeletons within, then a giant scorpion resting at the back of the shrine.

Upon retrieving a scepter held in the hands of a statue of Bast at the back of the shrine, the sounds of a company of Cyruk raiders entering brought new threat to the journey. The statues placed around the cave came to life and helped destroy the invaders, preventing the scepter from falling into their hands.

And once the adventurers had left, the moonbeam ended and the door was resealed.

The Pillar of the Seventh Dawn

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