The language of the desert. Aurufar is spoken all throughout the continent of Algama by the Auruk and by races that have frequent contact with them. It is also the native tongue of Blanosians and some of the people of the Raider Ports on the coast of Algama.

Aurufar is analogous to Arabic mixed with elements of Farsi and Aramaic.

Male names from Aurufar-speaking lands:

  • Akhmin
  • Hazm
  • Obdu
  • Tsalwah
  • Ub

Female names from Aurufar-speaking lands:

  • Anda
  • Jeskhah
  • Miri
  • Rini
  • Seisa

Auruk do not have surnames, per se. They identify themselves by tribe.

  • din Sidj-Meht’lah (of the White Hills tribe )
  • din Pushkhet-Khal’lah (of the Diving Falcon tribe)
  • Vizi din Hopt’lah (shaman of the Storm tribe)
  • Shekh din Bahulu’lah (chieftain of the Mirage tribe)
  • Sheherra din Opshal-Shahud’lah (princess of the Gentle WInds tribe)

Every Auruk that has been ostricized from their tribe adopts the moniker

  • din Whah edin Whih (of nowhere and of nothing)

Humans and the very rare halfling who are named in Aurufari might have the following names:

  • din Shur-Basht (of the black ship)
  • din Tsug (of the coin; denoting wealthy or generous)
  • mor Rahazza’han var Bir (member of the Rahazza house of the city of Bir)
  • var Ashkhar (from the city of Ashkhar)
  • var Sollest (from the nation of Sollest; useful only for small countries)


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