Under Dune

On this 18th day in the month of Inzu’qal, as the stars Kalidased and Payuhadr pince the moon Rumos, in the 7th year of the rule of Panarch Palimpar the Just, the will of the city of Blanos is set upon the recognition of a guild of skilled folk.

This guild, to be known as Under Dune, will be authorized in the practice of the art of grave robbing, trap disarmament and mystical intrusion against the tombs of Irukhtir, known to common folk as adventuring.

By the authority vested into my person as befits a servant of the city of Blanos, I, Furhuq var Margala’zir, acknowledge the formation of this guild and grant it the open right to present its members at the Algama Gate, to travel the Velvet Road, to seek fortune in the desert lands of Algama, and to return with such spoils and tales as they may find there.

In due recompense of this privilege, the guild will faithfully report all coin, currency, jewelry, gemstones, objects of art, tools, armaments and objects arcane which it may find, to be reviewed by the city for prevention of contraband entering the city, and as befits the needs and purposes of taxation.

This guild shall exist in perpetuity regardless of the composition of its members or the passage of time between its activities, unless by its own signed will or by the order of the city of Blanos it should come to pass that the dissolution of the guild is desirable.

The guild is hereby bound at all times and in all places by the laws and customs of the city of Blanos, to be adjudged by the courts of Blanos in the event of any and all misdeeds and wrongdoing by its members within or without the city. Blessed be the gods that oversee all things and may grant clear vision unto their servants who safeguard the Law.

Pursuant to this, the city may enact any and all reasonable penalties for the willful or ignorant commission of such acts that demean the customs or disobey the laws of Blanos, including but not limited to the levying of fees, the restriction of activities, and the dissolution of the guild itself.

Furhuq var Margala’zir, clerk, Blanos
Shedee var Pishi’zir, supervisory administrator, witness
Lomon Journeywell, junior clerk, witness

Here, as pertains to them individually and summarily by the above establishment, confirmation, license and permit, the undersigned are granted membership unto the guild.

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Under Dune

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