Timeline of Äresta

New World calendar

0 NW – The Gods lead mankind through the worldgate in what men call the Exodus. This establishes the New World calendar.

66 NW – Men encounter the Quista for the first time. The term ‘halfling’ is first heard and the Quista begin to resent the taller race.

122 NW – The first nation, Florenise, is founded. Other tribes of men are already spreading far and wide across Äresta.

137 NW – Men encounter the Duhorov for the first time. Lazy pronunciation of their name leads to them being called “dwarves”. The Duhorov begin to resent the taller race.

299 NW – The War of the Towers begins. Florenise is destroyed over the next ten years by a combined force of Duhorov and Quista. Mankind considers itself at war with those races for the next hundred years.

484 NW – The Praxean Church is founded in the west by Lucian Condrettina. He is anointed a living saint by his followers shortly thereafter.

1165 NW – A powerful wizard named Calatinus becomes king of Praedia. He envisions a united human race under his banner and begins to attack and conquer other nations.

1189 NW – Calatinus’ aggressive military expansion leads to Praedia becoming an empire spanning from the Solistine ocean all the way to the Impassible Reaches.

1200 NW – Calatinus enacts dark, eldritch magic to become a lich and proclaims himself the Eternal Emperor of Man. All other wizards are beheaded, but sorcery lives on in his armies to persecute the religious.

1231 NW – The last of the Duhorov retreat to the Cirges Mountains and the Quista finish disappearing into the forests in hiding.

Fall of the Empire calendar

1482 NW / 0 FE – The death of Emperor Calatinus at the hands of Praxean paladins shakes the world. Half a century of war ensues as mankind seeks to establish a new order. Much magical and technological progress is lost. Later, the calendar is reset to commemorate the Fall of the Empire.

200 FE – The two-hundredth anniversary of Calatinus’ death sparks paranoia about the arcane power of wizards. They are driven out of almost every nation. They eventually found two city-states for themselves; Sollest in the west and Zugät in the east.

321 FE – Maderia, which later absorbs Augland and becomes Augamaderia, sends diplomats to the Cirges to seek peace and understanding with the dwarves.

357 FE – Pelendria, Athandria and Dilinia all cede forested territories on their borders to create the recognized nation of Ubau, home of the Quista. Quistans begin to travel outside the forests for the first time in over 600 years.

677 FE – Augamaderia and Thondria go to war for the first time. Thondria is bloodied and beaten.

812 FE – Glanacia’s navy invades nearby Widdia, establishing their first province. Before 1000 FE, Wose, Dalagaera and the islands of Grettia and Puddia would follow.

1242 FE – Ships cross the Melicine ocean for what is thought to be the first time, only to find Blanos already a sizable city.

1722 FE – Thondria annexes Meinos and is repelled from continuing to expand by the joint armies of Gordony, Panus, Tuland and the wizards of Sollest. In the wake of the conflict, Panus dissolves into its component cities and is now considered part of Gordony.

1733 FE – Present Day.

Timeline of Äresta

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