Government: Monarchy
Cities: Thondor (capital), Pelendor, Athandor

Thondria is an aggressive, expansionist empire occupying the western side of Havisa. In addition to the central or “tradicional” region, the empire includes provinces of Sunestra, Eredia, Grocia and the island of Campos.

While each of these regions retains its distinctive cultural elements, they have all been integrated over generations into cohesive members of the empire with an investment in remaining so. A portion of this lasting fervor is due to the successful spread of Thondirum among the populace of each region.

The Thondrian empire is organized in the fashion outlined by Thondirum; a caste system defines just how many individuals are under each person’s purview and just how much they are allowed to direct the activities of their subordinates. Each concentric ring of authority and control is jealously guarded and social mobility is very low. Exceptions to this are generally paraded around as examples of how marvelous the Thondrian system is. “A man may begin life as a pauper and end as a prince,” but few manage to advance even a single level within the system in their lifetime.

Eredia and Grocia form a surrounding barrier to the nation of Sollest. However, the powerful magic of Sollest is enough to consistently drive the Thondrian military back. It has been over a hundred years since the last attempt to occupy Sollest, but Thondria has suffered enough in prior attempts to have learned it is best to leave the small country of wizards to their own ends.


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