The Shadows

Beneath the earth, in the darkest cracks and under the weight of millions upon millions of tons of stone, soil and sea are the Shadows. The Duhorov race knows most of this, having reportedly been spawned by its gods from that darkness. The things that breed in that eternal night are malignant to all life. Eventually, the Duhorov were driven entirely from their homes in the cold, deep earth and came to the surface.

The Shadows are a place of pure hate, pure malice, pure heresy and vile darkness. The Shadows do not know joy or pleasure, only pain and suffering. As such, any unbearable wretch of a being that manages to crawl forth from those Stygian depths is full only of the passion of destruction and evil.

The Dark Kingdom

The souls of those the gods will not touch, the ones so profane, so defiled, that they have forsaken any light or love, are cast upon death into the Shadows, where they live in the Dark Kingdom. The lord of the realm is the Night Prince. Parents frighten their children with stories that the Night Prince will come out of the shadows to take them away if they are naughty.

Folk stories among humans and quista say that occasionally, a black soul from the Dark Kingdom might escape and possess the living. These Wretched souls seek to pass their darkness on to others, both by infecting them and by spreading their seed or giving birth to twisted monstrosities.

A common curse among mankind is ‘shadowborn.’ To call someone shadowborn is to say they are so foul and evil that they must have been spawned by the Dark Kingdom itself. Another saying is ‘death to darkness.’ One might say “The battle was nothing but pure death to darkness,” implying that nothing good could come from it.


The Shadows are the source of the most hateful things in all existence. The Undoers are the blackest and most virulent things ever conceived of. They take as many shapes as they wish because the Shadows have no form, no function, no purpose. They seek only to destroy all life. Parallels are frequently drawn between the Undoers and the foul worship of Selhesseyn. Beings of Undoing speak Abyssal, the language of the black Shadows.

The Shadows

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