The Infinite Wild

Nature, the elements, and the many birds, beasts and fish of Äresta spring from the Infinite Wild, a realm that goes on forever in the densest forests, highest mountains, roiling caverns of fire, deepest oceans, and tallest skies.

The Evertree

To the Quista, life is but a prelude to the life of the Evertree, a place where all things grow and flourish, and where they know true peace. When the Quista die, they believe that their souls are drank up by the roots of plants, which are all connected to the roots of the Evertree. Through the earth and into the divine, the Quista are united with Uma Tobo in a great cycle of birth, life, and rebirth.


The Duhorov say that though their gods pulled them out of the Shadows, it was Mountainhome that they raised to house their race after death. The three brother-gods raised their fists as one and pounded the earth, and the shockwave caused a giant mountain, taller than any other, to be raised. There, the Duhorov forever feast and sing the songs of their pride and happiness.


The Infinite Wild is the birthplace of the Primals, the beings of nature’s wrath and power. The Primals enforce natural harmony and the balance of the earth. Primals exist for every variety of bird, beast and fish, and for all of the elements. Primals of all varieties speak the tongue called Primal, allowing all the elements of nature to commune with each other.

The Infinite Wild

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