The Heavens

When the gods of man came to Äresta, there were no stars. In founding a realm for themselves, the gods sank their fingers through the very roof of the sky and created the Heavens. The Heavens have a softness, like the clouds above the earth, and are suffuse with light and energy.

The Hallows of Eradine

It is said that when most humans die, they rise up and pass through a star and on to their final rest. In the world above, the dead are in the presence of the divine, in all of the glory and judgment of the gods. The Hallows are the perfect valleys, rolling hills and pristine lakes that the souls of men are promised upon their deaths, so long as the gods look favorably upon their actions.

The most devout, the most holy, may be given the keys to the gates of Indrica or Aseuria, where the divine couples make their homes. Clerics of the gods take their vows of devotion with the eventual goal that when they die, they will be judged worthy to enter the realm of their god and live eternally thereafter in service.


Demestriel and Adrona make their home in the land of Indrica. It is a place where rule and order are constant, and the angels and devils of this realm are supporters and enforcers of the will of the gods. They demand that all things be in their places. All debts are paid, all actions given recompense in kind, and all is a ballet of perfect harmony.


Adaura and Irsuriel reside in the land of Aseuria. Here, all goods and ills are unpredictable and the angels and devils are given license to invent, create and define with impunity. The gods revel in the unpredictability of their home. This is the seat of wild glee and untamed aggression, and the power here flows from constant friction.

Angels and Devils

The Heavens are home to the servants of the gods, the angels and the devils. The angels are man’s caretakers, gentle beings of light and harmony. The devils are man’s campaigners, the warriors and killers who persecute those who would harm men. Angels and devils speak Celestial, the language of the heavens.

The Heavens

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