The Firmament

The firmament is quite simply the earthly realm and all of its environs. It is to this place that all other realms are connected, and it is here that the mortal races must live and die in service to, ignorance of, or defiance of their gods.

This realm is commonly known on the continent of Havisa, where the humans, duhorov and quista are from, as Ă„resta.

It is widely believed that Humans first came to this world in a divine act known as the Exodus. Humanity faced extinction in some other world and so the gods of man brought them here. In contradiction of this, Blanosians and the men of the Raider Ports claim that they do not trace their lineages back to the Exodus, but it is possible that this knowledge has simply been lost.

The Duhorov say that they were conjured from the depths of the Shadows by their gods, given form and purpose, taught to care for each other and then brought to the surface to flee the horrors of the deepest depths.

The Quista are commonly believed to have been granted life from the forests, to be the caretakers of the land. Their goddess Uma Tobo gave birth to them and set them to watch over the earthly manifestations that resemble her home in the Infinite Wild, the Evertree.

The Auruk say nothing of their origins. They claim no ancient heritage. They have no gods of their own. Perhaps, some scholars speculate, this is why they roam the desert the way they do. How could one know his or her place in the world if one has no divine presence to be a guide?

The Firmament

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