The Faiths of Men

Mankind is known for its ability to agree on major philosophies but disagree on the finer points. As a result, there are a number of different religious faiths that all worship the same set of gods. Conflicts between the different religions of mankind are somewhat frequent, but have not escalated to full-scale religious war, except for Thondirum, which is tied to the Thondrian empire and can only be expected to be as aggressive as the country that spawned it.


Practiced largely in the colder territories in the northeast, Anarhetory teaches that mankind is constantly being tested—and found lacking—by the gods. The world is waiting to be transformed into a paradise, but cannot be until all men accept the will of the gods and seek to be as perfect as the gods demand.

Anarhetorics have a few major monuments that are intended to show the gods their devotion. One is in Plera (in Thutondy), but it is officially only being preserved for its “historical significance” since Thondria came to rule. Another is in Breddesa, and a third is carved into a mountainside in Baunal (in Glilis).

The Praxean Church.

Best known in its history for defeating the Eternal Emperor, the Praxean faith is focused on the ‘greater good of man,’ making sacrifices that benefit all of mankind. Notably, Praxeans are required to attend weekly services in their temples and churches for rituals and services that honor the gods and thank them for watching over man.

The Cathedral of Light, in Tuland, is home to the body of Saint Lucian, the founder of the Praxean faith. Other cathedrals exist in Widdia, Gatolon (in Gordony), Meina, Tind Maus (in Mausland) and Dalagaera. Each was built to house a saint of Praxis and the Praxean faith is particularly common in each of those lands.

The Radiant Conviction.

The followers of Radiance emphasize their belief that the gods made mankind in their image and that everyone carries the spark of divinity—what they call Radiance—inside themselves. Followers are taught to seek to emulate the gods.

The bulk of the followers of the Radiant Conviction are in the Tursies, Grettia (and Puddia), and the Cappalenian peninsula (Borsetta, Clausa, and some of the cities on the west end of Mausland). Radiants are known for their missionary work and for bringing the Word of Conviction to poor and unenlightened areas in order to assist the people and seek converts to their faith.


Thondirum teaches that men are forbidden from interpreting the will of the gods except through the holy agents of Thondirum itself. Naturally, the Thondirian faith is ruled over by the empire of Thondria itself, and thus, the Emperor is the final arbiter of the will of the Gods.

That the Emperor is a powerful cleric and sorcerer just acts as supporting evidence for the claims of his church. Thondirum is practiced across Thondria proper and is officially the religion of Brasaland, the Thutons, Meina and Dilinia, but those outlying provinces of the empire are much less devout.

The Faiths of Men

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