The Faiths of Duhorova

Ur Guzoh.

The most common system of faith amongst dwarves says that the parables of the brothers should teach dwarves lessons about how to behave toward each other and even toward men and halflings. Primarily, a valuable lesson regarding protecting and caring for others is seen in every action taken by Dunorok.

As an extension of the metaphor the Trinity embodies, dwarves who believe in Ur Guzoh tend to see themselves as one-third of the trio of races that occupy Ă„resta; like Dunorok, they must watch out for quista and humans, their reckless and destructive brethren.

The teachings of Ur Guzoh are common in every community of dwarves outside Mo Gorgod.

Ur Budoh.

The fundamentalist view of the dwarves, Ur Budoh preaches that dwarves are meant to be hard at work in the earth, and that they cannot benefit from living under the sky. This zealous faith also says that humans are undeserving usurpers of the world.

Dwarves who believe in Ur Budoh tend to be highly mistrustful of humans and can become violent over perceived offenses that they would ignore from another dwarf. The quista are seen as unfortunate compatriots in what has unfairly become a human-dominated world and may be trusted.

The teachings of Ur Budoh are common in Mo Gorgod and almost nowhere else.

The Faiths of Duhorova

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