The Duhorovan Trinity

The Duhorovan people, known to mankind as dwarves, worship three brothers. Their fables all tell of the history of the brother-gods playing and fighting amongst themselves.

The Duhorov believe that they were conjured from the darkest places in the cracks beneath the world by Monarak, then given free will and desires by Banuruk and taught to care for themselves by Dunorok.

Dunorok, the thoughtful brother.

Dunorok is the god of contemplation and wise action. He plans and thinks for a long time before devising the best course of action. The parables of the Trinity say that Dunorok’s careful planning has often allowed him to watch out for his brothers despite their often wild or malignant behavior.

Banuruk, the carefree brother.

Banuruk is the god of impulsiveness and creativity. He always does what he wishes, when he wishes, and he can be equally kind and compassionate as terrifyingly destructive. In the parables, he is always playing tricks on his brothers and conceiving of ways to amuse them. He’s not insane, and he doesn’t have a short attention span; he acts on his desires completely.

Monarak, the vicious brother.

Monarak is the god of retribution and destruction. He revels in laying waste to the careful plans of his brothers and seeks to sow discord. Despite this, he does love his brothers and never plots to destroy them outright. Parables of Monarak tell of his terrible wrath, and the many ways he uses his power to devastate his brothers’ enemies and build engines of war.

The Duhorovan Trinity

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