Races of Äresta

These are the playable races from the Havisa and Algama continents.

  • Auruk – green-skinned nomads who refuse to kill sentient beings. Many are enslaved because they will not fight back.
  • Duhorov – short, hard-headed artisans. Their ancestral enclaves and kingdoms are mostly in the mountains in the northern continent of Havisa.
  • Human – a varied race of all hues and humours, ranging widely across the face of the world.
  • Lunari – dark-skinned, white haired contemplatives who live through centuries in their private strongholds. Rarely seen in the outside world, but widely respected.
  • Quista – bright, cheery little folk who live in forest cities and build hilltops into cities and castles. Many have integrated into human cultures with human names.
  • Golyatih – towering ascetics from the mountainous coastline of Algama. Tribal, shy and mistrustful of outsiders.

There are very rare, almost unheard of beings that are available, but not at all known in the world. Be careful about playing one of these as it represents an oddity that will be mistrusted and highly notable. Selecting any of these will require approval of the GM:

  • Tiefling – the mythical product of a human and a devil. Just as mistrusted as their entry in the PHB would suggest.
  • Gnome – re-purposed here as a variant of the quista race that displays innate magical power. Considered cursed with arcane magic that may separate them from Uma Tobo.

See the Languages page for a list of available languages.
Why no “half” races? See A Note on Relationships for details.

Races of Äresta

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