Other Gods

The gods represented here are of much lesser stature and are not represented by more than token handfuls of followers.

Fondos, the quaking god.

Fondos is the god of the land of Äresta. He is the land and the forests and all the animals. He isn’t known for seeking worship from the races of men or dwarves, but some halflings revere him as brother or son of Uma Tobo. Wardens are the most likely to offer him thanks or respect for the bounty the land has to offer and the protection it provides.

The name for him in lands that speak Aurufar is “Handim” (pronounced with a phlegmy ‘h’ sound).

Selhesseyn, the devourer.

Selhesseyn is a dark goddess truly devoted to the obliteration of all other faiths on Äresta. Despite efforts of the gods of men, dwarf and halfling, she always manages to win the hearts of a few bitter and twisted people and her cults surface periodically and are eventually snuffed out when their bloody sacrifices are discovered.

Zatos, the storm god.

Zatos is the god of the oceans of Äresta. He is the undisputed master of the seas, but he doesn’t appear to seek much worship from among the people of the land. Sailors are most likely to give him homage or at least offer him a token of thanks for allowing them access to and safe passage on the seas.

The name for him in Aurufar-speaking lands is “Zatih”, the same as their word for water.

Huiduryan, the god of winds

Huiduryan is a little known god of the skies, clouds and winds. It is characterized as an androgynous being of slight build and very capricious nature. Sailors who have heard of Huiduryan might pray for good winds. Farmers might occasionally offer prayer or sacrifice in hopes of rain clouds.


A god of war and strife, Mumelakiu is known by many names in the languages of the tribal races along the coast of Algama. Each tribe prays to their own idols of this god and seeks to survive and dominate the other races they encounter. Mumelakiu is a harsh god that may be evil or at least ultimately uncaring so long as all of the races under his sway continue to fight.

Asmai Nall

The Lady, as she is known, is patron to those who seek peace and comtemplation. She is much revered by Lunari who follow their traditions closely, and sometimes known by others who seek knowledge and wisdom. She is also known to wizards and sorcerers as a holder of many ancient secrets of magic.

Other Gods

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