The House of Nidoor is one of the most storied, ancient noble families of Algama. They trace their history back nearly a thousand years. Since their initial rise to power, they have styled themselves great supporters of the arts. At times through their history, this has been expressed through being the patrons of great artists and sculptors. However, there have also been bloody periods over which they “reclaimed” certain troves of art and treasure which were held in collections they deemed inadequate.

In its current form, Nidoor is sprawling across private estates and communities through the eastern coastal region, with palaces in both Blanos and Durza. Some members of the family have branched out into supporting the making of luxury goods such as fine wine. Nidooridautha is a respected high-class wine which makes a fine gift.

Nidoor has a small fleet of ships and hires merchant craft to supplement them frequently. Not known for military might in particular, Nidoor favors craft with immense speed and rumor has it that they augment this, and defend their ships, with witchcraft of some sort.

The house has no single head but is propped up by several lords and shahs around whom the rest of the family congregates. While there are many branches and extended members, here are some of the most important and well-known members:

  • Shah Albumadar Rokhmoda mor Nidoor – an ancient king of the fertile Peleshi Valley east of Feduya.
  • Lord Inguz Makhmallhim mor Nidoor – a feisty young lord who fancies himself a pirate and loves the high seas, but not danger.
  • Shahira Idria mor Nidoor – an iron-fisted lady of power and culture who knows which artists to provide patronage, which ears to whisper in to set her enemies on each other, and how to retain her seat against men who think she should not lead.

Nidoor has long supported the Universitas Arcanis Blanosis with money and items in exchange for great displays of magic. Any ball held by the family in Blanos is sure to be accompanied by shows of magical talent meant to delight and entertain the assembled guests.


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