Last Rest

The Last Rest, also known as the Inn at the End is situated at the end of the Velvet Road leading from Blanos to the desert. It is an imposing structure, built on the bones of a former Irukhtiri outpost. The imported wood and solid stone construction makes it look as much like a small fortress as an inn. And the ogre guards patrolling and standing around at intervals significantly add to this impression.

Most travelers choose to stop for a night here despite the elevated cost of staying at the inn. Inside, the proprietress, who chooses to remain nameless, is rarely seen and often appears to her guests behind a veil. Other days she remains out of the public eye entirely, and no one outside the majordomo has her full confidence.

The common room is lavishly decorated with detailed wood paneling and paintings and tapestries up on most walls. When full, it is most commonly filled with merchants and their guards, and adventurers on their way into the desert or on their way back from it. When a tomb raid has gone well, the joy and frivolity of celebrating heroes is uncontained. And after a dismal defeat claims the lives of one or more companions, the room can instead be somber and maudlin.

Food, drink and accommodation are valued at 5x the normal rate in the Player’s Handbook.

Last Rest

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