Guilds and Groups

Grave Endeavors, LLC – a plucky but morally questionable band of adventurers
Under Dune – resurrected from the ashes of a missing guild, with fresh-faced heroes

The Empire of Thondria

Guild of the Takers – the thieves guild
Guild of the Night – assassins guild
Guild of the Streets – the beggars guild
Hecumezzad – The Gruesome, kidnappers, murderers, cultists and necromancers
Blanosian Nobility – movers and shakers of city
Council of Blanos – the council that shapes city policy
Universitas Arcanis Blanosis – the wizard’s society of the city

Friendly faces:
Captain Cornander – the sea captain that brought the first batch of heroes across the Melicine Ocean to Blanos, and returned to bring a second group
Keshekh din Tsug – a factor of the Takers that has paid the guild for personal services and hooked up work for his guild
Magda – the guild’s landlady, owner of the house that the guild currently rents
Gorm√ľn – Magda’s “friend”, an ogre that the guild helped free from the Hecumezzad
Gemed – the guild’s first hireling
Dandolath – an agent of the Takers who is friendly with several members of the Grave Endeavors

Some other characters and personalities that impact the game:
Sergeant Pashnam of the Blanosian Guard – a corrupt (?) guard that wanted Captain Cornander dead
Darzin – a member of the guild of the Night that has crossed paths with the guild without killing anyone… yet
Mazzaz – a name overheard in passing by Keshekh to Captain Cornander, and later revealed to be the cause of problems for the nascent guild
Palimpar mor Hedrazza’han – mayor, lord and ruler of the city and state of Blanos

Guilds and Groups

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