Gorgod Thur

The duhorovan ghetto of the city, the actual population of this district is actually only about 30% duhorov people. Nevertheless, the architecture here is heavily influenced by traditional duhorovan styles as this area has been rebuilt and expanded several times by small, industrious stoneworkers.

Rumor tells that the duhorov have dug into the cliffs and made tunnels that go up into the mountains or out into the Velvet Road, but this has been investigated by the city guard and never confirmed. That doesn’t stop tales of secret passages from spreading.

The guildhouse of the Stock and Stone is located here. Any building contracted for will need to be passed not only by the city but by the guild masters for approval.

At the back of the district, up against the cliffs, is the temple of the Trinity, Buzoh Zhud.

Gorgod Thur

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