Game Rules

The following house rules are being observed in the Golden Sands campaign.

Custom Feats
Custom Feats

Combat House Rules
Combat House Rules

Magical Item Identification and Creation

1) Magical items cannot be identified by spending time holding them. You MUST cast the identify spell AND succeed on an Intelligence (Arcana) roll (DC escalates per rarity of the item) in order to discern the nature of magical items. Otherwise, with the rate at which items get kicked out by my dungeon generator, it would be trivially easy to load up on items.
2) Magical item crafting requires a custom feat “Magical Artisan” that lets you create items of any type. Potions can be crafted with an alchemist’s kit and any other ingredients required for creating the potion. No items or potions can be created without a formula; you can find or buy these, or spend a great deal of time and expense coming up with them yourself.
3) The time and investment it takes to devise a formula varies with the rarity of the item:

  • Common: 1d3 months
  • Uncommon: 2d6 months
  • Rare: 4d8 months
  • Very Rare: 2d6 years
    Every month spent researching requires 1,000gp of materials. You must spend 8 hours per day working on the formula in order to make progress toward completing it. This time can be broken up by other things such as adventuring or working on other formulas without losing progress. However, if the notes and materials relating to the formula are destroyed, all progress is lost and the formula must begin again from scratch.

Available Character Races

See Races of Äresta

Custom Classes

See Custom Class Specs

Guild Composition

Unlike most games of D&D, this campaign is structured to accommodate an entire adventuring guild of heroes. There may be several parties worth of active players in this game. Sessions will be set up as Facebook events and the first 5-6 players who RSVP for a session and have not already played that month will be the party for the day. This format is intended to alleviate scheduling problems that often occur when even a single player cannot make it to a game, and will provide an interesting ad hoc mix of players at the table.

The guild will receive a portion of the profit from adventures as agreed upon by the members and the guild will bear the cost of renting/owning a guildhouse and maintaining assets for the members. The overall success of the guild will rely on trending toward successful dungeon delves and working together well.

Character Generation

See the Races of Äresta section for details on the available races of the game. Details of the nations across the sea and the many and varied backgrounds that characters may have are left intentionally vague to reduce the effort it takes to fit a character concept into the world. All 12 base character classes are valid choices.

At the beginning of the campaign, all new characters will be 1st level. After the first 3 months of play, new characters added to the guild will be one level lower than the lowest level character already in the guild. These may result from new players joining the game or from character death causing a new character to be rolled.

For instance, if the lowest level character is 5th level, and someone brings in a new character, that character will be 4th level. Other characters also added simultaneously will be 4th level, but at a subsequent session the next character added will be 3rd level. Once all of those characters level up, the next addition may again be of a higher level.

You are free to create your character and roll your own stats. For your convenience or as a fun challenge I have a working random character generator that I am willing to use to roll random new adventurers instead.

Ability scores will be rolled; 4d6, drop the lowest, arrange to taste.

Miniatures and Models

This game will make extensive use of models to represent the dungeon and the characters. I have a number of models, but if I do not have one that will work for your character, I highly recommend buying one from Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven or Bones lines of miniatures. I would be glad to paint it for you. It will remain your property. Rainy Day Games has a wall of Reaper models as well, in case you want to pick one up. Most human-sized models are $5 or less.

I am also building modular city elements and dungeons using a combination of pieces from Hirst Arts, Games Workshop, and other hand-built pieces. The goal is to be able to lay out nicely detailed scenes to enhance the visual experience of playing the game. A lot of people talk about using miniatures in their games, but I want to run this game with a rich tabletop presentation.

Not all combat will require miniatures and scenery layouts. Just the really cool ones. :)

Bonus Experience

We will determine appropriate XP awards for contribution to this wiki.

Game Rules

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