Blanosian Nobility

The city of Blanos is home to a number of noble houses, some of which also have homes in other cities. Here are a few of the most notable ones.

  • Hedrazza: The house of Panarch Palimpar the Merciful, Lord of Blanos. Hedrazza is powerful and rich, controlling a large fleet of ships on the high seas. They maintain other palaces in Ashkar and Durza and have estates as far across the ocean as the Tursies.
  • Umifalza: The house of Umifalza is second in power only to the Hedrazzim. They are scheming and dangerous and have been known to betray allies when it suits their own advancement.
  • Atruska: The house of Atruska is shrewd but fair. They are more powerful in Ashkar but also maintain a large presence in Blanos due to its vital economy. The members are known for a crisp fashion sense.
  • Habithkala: The Habithim are almost exclusively ocean-going merchants. They claim lordship over a number of smaller island communities all around the seas and make their main home on the western face of Virde. Their palace in Blanos is a secondary home.
  • Nidoor: The house of Nidoor is well known for its support of the arts, with many of its most prominent members making some or all of their fortunes from painting or composing. A Nidoori portrait is considered a necessity in the home of anyone of importance.

Other Houses:

  • Dumekhta
  • Rodishar
  • Alaq’tar
  • Qumella
  • Penteshar
  • Korbatta
  • Hanzarmuk
  • Bentekar
  • Bendeshar
  • Homedoor

Blanosian Nobility

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