The Golden Sands of Irukhtir

The First Adventure a Second Time

Under Dune Session 1

The captain Corander appeared concerned about how his reception would be in Blanos due to a past conflict. Yuri and Mathos were concerned but as soon as the party arrived the Captain was relived as his old friend Sergeant Pierce was waiting. The captain had told the party that he would be someone that may have a job for them. Yuri spoke to the sergeant and was offered a retrieval job. A warehouse had stolen crates in it being held by the Takers. He offered 60 each but Tagia talked him into a round 100 per person.
As they gathered up to discuss tactics and location a dispute between members of house Qumella and House Penteshar was noticed on the next peir over. Taiga and Sarafia both raised as nobles went over to see if they could help. Gabrial tried to get them to leave them alone. Their dispute was seen to be over a perceived insult. Both offered favor if the party would lend themselves as witnesses on their side. The party spoke with both Yuri determined that Qumella would have better booze so made his stance clear. As the party struggled to decide Qumellla offered money as well 100 each. Penteshar in return offered help finding a guild house on the cheap. The party sided with Qumella and signed the scroll.

Once they had dealt with the nobles the party traveled to the warehouse still in the dock district and staked out the target. they located two lookouts, Taiga and Gabreiel removed them with ease. They searched 2 sides of the building and decided to come through the front door. With Mathos and Yuri leading the charge. Arrow support from Gabrial and Taiga. Caiside hacking the takers up with her great axe and Sarafia burning them with her arcane power. It appeared the battle would be short but then 4 more takers dropped from the rafters more deadly if they had all kept their footing. As the party torn into the remaining takers, 1 fled through the back door and a lantern was knocked over starting a small fire. Yuri chassed the runner to the door and dropped him with a throwing axe to the back of the head. Caside then lifted the table up and smothered the fire with it. The crates were full of silver trade bars from the bank, the party deliberated of the proper course to take the money or complete the job.

They decided to take the crates back to Seargent Pierce. Carts that had been hired to arrive at the location without knowing their purpose arrived and the party bribed the drivers to assist in moving the crates. After they completed the job the party gathered at a local in to discuss their options, with the money collected from the job and the nobles bribe they had enough to form a guild. Kale Talespinner approached the party and made them an unusual offer. He was the only survivor of his guild Under Dune. He offered them all membership if they were willing to help him with his back rent. The others mulled it over and both Tagia and Gabrial wanted to check over his books to see how in debt he was. He brought them to his guild house and they attempt to determine the state of the guild. They found bad book keeping but that he was 2 months behind. Kale then informed the party he had a map to a Rare ancient tomb near Blanos. They gathered everyone and it was decided they would bail Under Dune out of debt in return for membership.


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