Natan 'The Gray' Pearson

Fighter Merc


Natan ‘The Gray’ Pearson run by Brandon
Human with a Mercenary Veteran background
Male, 39, 5’11 with olive skin and brown eyes

Fighter 2
300 XP

17 (3) Strength +5 Save
15 (
2) Dexterity 2 Save
16 (
3) Constitution 5 Save
11 (
0) Intelligence 0 Save
13 (
1) Wisdom 1 Save
10 (
0) Charisma +0 Save

Skill Save
+5 Athletics

+2 Acrobatics
+2 Sleight of Hand
+2 Stealth

+0 Arcana
+0 History
+0 Investigation
+0 Nature
+0 Religion

+1 Animal Handling
+1 Insight
+1 Medicine
+3 Perception
+3 Survival

+0 Deception
+0 Intimidation
+0 Performance
+2 Persuasion

Passive Perception 13

Initiative +2
Speed 30


Health and Armor
AC 16
HP 23
Wearing Chain Mail Armor (AC 16, Heavy, disadvantage stealth)
No Shield

Maul (5 to Hit, 2d63 Damage, bludgeoning, two handed)

Light Crossbow (4 to Hit, 1d82, Piercing, range 80/320, two handed)


  • Great Weapon Fighting Style (When you roll a 1 or a 2 on Damage rolls using a melee two handed weapon or versatile melee weapon with two hands, you can reroll the die. You must use the new roll)
  • Second Wind (On your turn, use a bonus action to regain 1d10+2 hit points. Regain ability after a short or long rest
  • Action surge (On your turn, take one additional action. Regain ability after a short or long rest

After yet another campaign with yet another egomaniac Lord with designs to cause the shortened life of another Lord’s life, Natan is done. Oh sure, the job of leading men into battle is his life’s work, but this is not ‘the Dream’. Finally enough gold has been saved up to afford passage to Blanos with what he hopes to be enough to afford the guild fees.
His years of planning, his buying drinks to loosen tongues of every traveler from Blanos, and even slowly learning some of the language, Natan is as ready as he can be. If it just didn’t take so much time. He still feels strong, but his hair is more gray than black and he can no longer hold his drink like he used to.
One a clear and hot day in Blanos, he leads his horse off of the boat, pack filled and maul in hand, Natan is ready.

Natan 'The Gray' Pearson

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