Kitain Stothrain

5' 9" figure wearing an Ornate mask of painted clay and wood in town, if ever seen without it, appears human with brown eyes, a very short beard and long clothes, even in the heat. Appears plain and crowd blending, though finer clothes than a peasant.



Kitain uses the ornate painted clay and wood mask on his face to give plausable reasoning that there are foot and half long horns curling from his forebrow to behind his head – he always claims it’s part of the mask – and wraps his 3 foot tail riddled with blackened skin and burn scars around his waist and legs at all times, remaining well hidden and always presenting a very charming and forgetful manner of some northern human who has made his way here naturally.

More recently, he will take off his mask and appear as a 5’9" tall human with lightly tanned skin, brown eyes, sunken tired features, and a mildly striking jaw line. Clothed in fine clothes, but always diverting attention away from him whenever possible.



Kitain is a closed book. Adolescence was not kind, a family of humans in a northern town with a history of criminal activity were his own. Orphaned by age 11, Kitain was adopted by a cult of Gruumsh followers called “The Shorn”, and was raised as a sacrifice for their demen roster. The ritual came about at age 13, and upon the butchers’ block, Kitain pledged to massacre the coven and more in exchange for power and life. After a pile of bodies lay at Kitain’s feet and whispers for blood for the Titan of Suffering, as the Fiend named himself to him, Kitain fled his past and now seeks to use his power to have a life of adventure and travel, where the whispers wait to find him.

Kitain’s father was human, his mother was a succubus. all this was revealed only cryptically to him through favors delivered to him by the Fiend.

More recently, Kitain has mastered the art of disguising himself for hours at a time as another person with his magics, and now shows himself without the mask, as a lightly tanned human with brown eyes, sunken tired features, with a mildly striking jaw line. Those who have known him before this mastery and recent lax on tirelessly hiding his face notice that he might have had silver eyes previously.

Kitain is ready to assist his adventuring companions with bolts of obsidian energy being lobbed with the care and accuracy of a well trained archer, as well as spelling firey doom for those who manage to strike him with a melee weapon, and happily accepts the regular paydays that Grave endeavors seems to be scoring, though regularly needs to explain away the rituals he performs in the common room that leave bloody stains on the table for appeasing the forces that empower him. He will readily assist in less than lawful and just actions the party needs to threaten, as Blanos never allows one to maintain blissful ignorance to the cuthroat world for long, but will always advocate for profit over revenge when available.

Kitain Stothrain

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