Aukam "Atoned" Kalangatan


There it stands, what looks like a worn old suit of armor, standing in the streets of the market staring ahead into the hills as if it could see into the very earth itself. Most of the humans and other common folk bustling around the statuesque suit might not even be able to reach up and touch it on the shoulder. Their chin’s barely clearing the bottom of the breastplate.. Is it one of those constructs created by the wizards in the tower? If so, where is the wizard it protects?

Only when it moves does it dawn on you that the suit is in fact filled with flesh, it moves too organically for a construct, and just underneath the chin of the helm you can see smooth stonelike flesh. Behind the slits in the helm you can see deep forested green eyes, standing out in protest against the matted browns and grays of both the flesh of the creature, and the hides and plates it is wearing. Upon the center of the breastplate there is a large rough engraving, what could be a silhouetted mountain cradled in a bed of runes and other imagery.

Awestruck at the sight of such a creature you stare as it makes its way through the crowd, and from over your shoulder you hear a tradesman walking the opposite direction speak to you. “Golyatih, mountain folk, not common down here.” He says, with a knowing look in your direction. "Not sure what he’s looking for, but I certainly wouldn’t get in his way.



Aukam "Atoned" Kalangatan

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