Arsinoe Yamani


Arsinoe is a rogue who prefers to fight from a distance and a love for puzzles and shiny things. After getting to Blanos, she immediately became good friends with the Quista rogue Soro, mostly because they share the same opinions (don’t spend your own money if you can spend someone else’s, getting into trouble is infinitely better than being bored, etc). She does seem to lean towards the more responsible side, and this has lead to others in the team looking to her for direction on more than one occasion. Something that still baffles her.

While Arsinoe doesn’t hold much with beliefs, she does have a healthy respect for the people who have strong beliefs, since faith tends to lead people to do crazy things (Something that she heard a great deal of when she still lived with her parents).

She also is fascinated by Darzin, an assassin from the Guild of Night, and how he keeps warning them when things turn against them.


Arsinoe was the only child of a high ranking Lunari family. Her father was a priest, and her mother was a teacher. Growing up, Arsinoe was always told that she was too brash, too hotheaded, too quick tempered. At every turn, her family was telling her to be calm, think before she speaks, to try to listen to the inner voice that would lead her to be a good member of the Lunari community.

But Arsinoe was fairly sure that she didn’t have that inner voice. All she knew was that everyone in her city was BORING, and they were trying to make her boring as well. Because of this, as soon as Arsinoe reached her majority, she approached her parents and told them that she wanted to leave. She wanted to leave the city and travel the world, in hopes that it would help calm her mind so that she could return and find something that her parents would approve of to spend the rest of her long life fulfilling.

The truth of the matter was that she would use any means necessary to get out of the city, and her plea to her parents worked. They gave her some funds for supplies and gave her their blessings. Arsinoe didn’t know that her parents were at their wits end with how to deal with her, and were frankly looking forward to having a quiet house for the first time in 100 years.

Arsinoe Yamani

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