Fame and fortune waits beyond the gates of Blanos!

Men, dwarves and halflings, take heed! You could be missing the chance of a lifetime!

Buy a blade and prepare to pay your way, for the life of excitement and riches is just across the ocean in far-off Blanos, city of ten thousand rare delights.

Just one short ocean voyage, with a stop in the exotic island city of Virde, and you could be enjoying disembarking in Blanos, among the many splendors it promises.

Gird your loins for the thrill of delving into the countless tombs of the desert Algama.

Take a trip across the sea with the Preschetti Windcutter Fleet. Voyages leave weekly from Pia Thunol, Mes Grol and Dutte. Standard rate Ħ25, cabin Ħ200.

-from a poster found in cities across the Tursies

This is the home of the Golden Sands of Irukhtir, a 5th edition D&D game about treasure hunters, dark tombs, and the blowing sands of an ancient desert.

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