The humans came to Äresta some 3000 years ago to escape a cataclysmic event on another world. In the Exodus, humanity lost almost all record of that world and its ways. Since then, humanity has spread across the face of the northern continent, bounded in primarily by the Solistine and Melicine oceans, the Cirges mountains and the Impassible Reaches. Isolated pockets of humans seem to have crept into other places on Äresta, such as the city of Blanos on the edge of the desert Algama.

Humanity brought with them vestiges of culture, but mankind seems to enjoy constantly revising itself and coming up with new customs and traditions. The many nations, city-states and secluded clans of humanity have as many cultures, customs and beliefs as you might expect to find. See the Nations, States and Regions of Äresta section for more information.

Humans have perhaps the broadest reasons for becoming adventurers. Some are motivated by profit, others by curiosity, still others seek only fame. Whether to see artifacts unearthed and taken to museums, or to reveal religious wisdom long lost, or to gain exclusive arcane knowledge, humans are surely seeking adventure for as many reasons as there are to travel the scorching desert.

Human racial traits:

As per the human entry in the Player’s Handbook.

  • Automatic languages: Nordard or Southard. Bonus languages: Southard or Nordard, Duhorova, Quisti.


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