The Golden Sands of Irukhtir

Trouble in the back streets
Under Dune Session 3

The summer heat was crushing the city of Blanos, most folk spending the days asleep and activities shifting to the night. The members of Under Dune began to notice that beggars gathering in the streets near their guild house. After a couple of days it was found that Wan Shu had been feeding them and they loved him. The other guild members including Rishka and Yuri convinced Wan Shu to stop. Later that day some guardsmen came through the area and dispersed the beggars, Wan Shu followed them to the dust district and helped out at a local soup kitchen. Cedric arrived at the guild house that evening invited by Telen who found him in the desert. He began working on deciphering the rubbing of some wall carvings retrieved on the party’s last trip to the desert. After another couple of days Cedric left his seclusion unable to figure the strange symbols. Yuri, Rishka and Caiside agreed to buy a map and see if they can locate more information. After working with some of her old contacts Rishka was able to buy a map. They gathered their resources to leave into the heat of the desert.

Cart was loaded and ready pulled by 2 mules and driven by Yuri. The sun neared the horizon when out of the dying light a gryphon dove and struck one of the mules killing it instantly and then biting and throwing Caside against a wall. The party noticed that the Gryphon was wearing a noble houses barding but had broken reins, Yuri leapt onto it trying to control it, while Cedric used his magic to calm it down. Wan Shu moved the wagon back inside the guild house courtyard. Just as they got it under control two ogres arrived wearing the same tabard as the gryphon. They attempted to intimidate the party but were ignored. Rishka, Yuri and Caiside are able to convince them to leave the party alone and to send a representative to talk damages. The orges left arguing with each other, as they rounded the corner Caside noticed a beggar leaning on his crutch watching them. She and Rishka cornered him and demanded to know why he was spying on them. He denied that he was there to cause them issues. When they didn’t let up he rang a bell on his right hand. Beggars armed and ready swarmed out of the allies surrounding the guild house. Yuri and Cedric moved to be safe. Wan Shu cut off a large group and negotiated them to pull back right as the beggar struck a mighty blow with his crutch driving Caiside back. The beggars pulled the limping man away ending the conflict.

The group decided to rest and try again the next day. They met with the representative of House Bendashar who paid them 100 gold for the damages cause by the gryphon agreeing to let the whole thing go. At last the party left Blanos and headed into the dessert, the map showed the tomb 8 days travel from Last Rest. After a refreshing stay there, they entered the full summer heat. The first few days were hard going but as they entered the middle of the trip Cedric became sunsick the party camped under tarps and used goodberry’s to extend their food until he recovered after two days. Once he recovered they headed on to the tomb. It was located inside a sand dune. It had been excavated sometime in the past but the door was still sealed. Rishka and Yuri worked on opening the tomb door while Cedric took a rubbing of the markings on the front of the tomb. The others prepped for what waited for them. Holding touches then decided into the darkness. Almost as soon as they reached the first room a Wight charged them wielding a great axe made from bone and with a scythe like blade. It struck hard and fast injuring multiple members of the party Yuri offered the axe to Caside who felt it was to flimsy to be worth it but carried it none the less.

After moving through a series of empty rooms dusty with age the hall ended splitting to either side, to the right a door trapped with magic to the left a decorated and locked door. As they unlocked the door Ceric once again took rubbings of the markings around the door to further his research. Rishka deactivated a pit trap and the rest followed her into a smaller chamber with a portcullis blocking their way. Caside watched the hallway behind as she didn’t trust the ease of their journey. Yuri and lifted portcullis part way and Caside assisted with the rest, Wan Shu stepped into the room, as he did torches lit around 4 sarcophagus that opened at once. Climbing up were three zombies and their master. Dropping the portcullis and standing back to fight these monsters at range seemed the best plan. The mummy moved from view to a side wall and moments later the portcullis opened letting the zombies through. Yuri stood strong to hold them back and Caside struck from the side. Cedric prepared his magics while Rishka and Wan struck from a distance. Just then the floor fell out from beneath them as the Mummy activated the trap. While the party killed the zombies with ease Cedric was sorely hurt and took another potion to heal.

Yuri leapt out of the pit with the assistance of the others to hold the Mummy at bay while the rest of the party followed him up. Caside after her first blow seemed not to affect the creature swaped it for the Bone bladed axe she had looted. They fought around the sarcophagus until at last the undead monster collapsed. Searing the room they gathered much treasure and a strange garnet on a necklace shaped like an ancient eye. Cedric supported Rishka in breaking through the magic defenses on the door they had skipped before. Using the Wight’s body they triggered an acid trap that flowed from the ceiling. Then lowered the eye into the well disabling the trap on the large chest but all are blasted by a lighting trap. Using the last of their potions they were able to open the chest in the back of the room taking more treasure from the Tomb. Slowly making their way out of the darkness they headed home to Blanos richer but tired and needing to restore their supplies.

Dangerous Detours
Grave Endeavors session 16

Party members:
Aukam, Blix, Kitain, Natan, Ochrek, Soro

The guild members on hand decided they want to get a map to an arcane tomb so the spellcasters can pick up more new unique spell scrolls. Kitain and Ochrek went shopping for a map. The seller ( a scout with only one leg left) wouldn’t let them look at the map he picked out for them until they bought it. They spent 550gp on it.

With the map in hand, and no luck having found his cousin up to now, Aukam decided he must sign on with the guild in order to make ends meet. Arsinoe came down from her room for a moment to help sign him onto the guild charter.

They loaded up an expedition to leave the next morning and headed out before first light. Several dozen citizens of Blanos noticed and followed them to the gate, stunned to see an adventuring guild heading to the desert in the blaze of summer. The guards were too stunned by the appearance of an adventuring caravan to stop them or ask for bribes.

On the morning of the second day in the Velvet Road, the shadow of a wild griffon appeared above them, spooking the camels and causing the donkey to attempt to flee.


Blix was forced to web it to keep the animal from fleeing right into the claws of the beast. The griffon landed and attacked, failing to carry the web-laden donkey off thanks to the binding webs that kept it from fleeing.


Quickly, the party members mobbed the creature, but before they could fell it, its beak and claws laid Aukam low, nearly killing him until they could finish the griffon off and save his life.

Realizing the griffon was a female and the summer is the breeding season of the creatures, they decided to backtrack, ascend out of the Velvet Road canyon, and seek its nest. After several hours of searching, they located the nest.


Kitain cast a flight spell on Aukam to help him fly up to the nest and look for eggs. Soro demonstrated her agility and climbed the cliff and up the rocks to get there almost as quickly.


However, just as they found a single griffon egg, a horde of jheblin with three ogres appeared and attacked!


The party managed to fend off the ogres and jheblin, creating a web to hold the ogres and then set it on fire. Soro fired down from above, and Aukam descended in flight to deliver an amazing blow that felled an ogre with a single mighty swing, using the might of his golyatih muscle and the power of his faith together.


While they fought off the last of them, Gemed had taken the wagon away, but a number of the jheblin raided the wagon and the camels during this time. The scavengers escaped with a bunch of metal objects, including valuable pieces of Natan, Ochrek and Aukam’s armor!
Ochrek marked one of the creatures and allowed it to flee, so that he could pursue them back to their lair.

After taking a short rest, the party waited while Soro snuck into the cave to scout the locations of all of the jheblin. She got near the back of the cave, but stopped when she heard the sounds of ogres in a large chamber in the back.


Sneaking in again, this time to begin the slaughter, Soro took point, silently and efficiently killing the first six with only spell support from Kitain and Blix. Their spellcasting narrowly avoided alerting the remaining creatures until they reached a good chokepoint for Aukam, Natan and Ochrek to set up in. One jheblin fled back into the back of the cave to warn the others, while the rest charged forward and died on the party’s blades.

Delving deeper, the party faced an ogre that recklessly crashes forward and smashed the cave opening, knocking debris into Blix while Soro and Ochrek took better cover.


They worked as a team to quickly dispatch the first ogre, but Aukam was shot by an arrow from several jheblin archers, forcing the party to advance.

More ogres began to pour out of the room while the jheblin chieftain had the rest of his scavengers form up around him. Not willing to deal with the cluster, Kitain dropped all but the chieftain with a well-timed blast.


After felling one ogre in the tunnel to the large chamber, what looked like a painted jheblin shaman fled through the rest and blasted a magic missile at Ochrek. The remaining ogres charged forward, knocking the auruk warrior prone. The one leading the charge never made it any further, killed in passing by so many adept heroes.


The last two ogres had broken out of the bottleneck, and one fought the spellcasters while the other fought the front-line warriors. Aukam faced off with the jheblin chief and grappled, throwing the creature all the way over into the back of an ogre. Not one to risk it, Kitain put a pair of eldritch bolts into the already lifeless corpse.

While the shaman escaped through a small hole in the back of the cave, going deeper underground, the fight against the last two ogres grew desperate. While Soro stuck one ogre like a pincushion, Natan used his lifetime of combat skill to deliver an upward strike to the jaw with his maul. Finally the creature was slain.

Meanwhile, Kitain and Blix, back to back, were able to fire twin witch bolts into the face of the last one in the middle of the cave.


Aukam waded into the fray, calling once again upon his mighty goliath strength to deal a fantastic blow. At last, the final ogre was brought low as Soro and Ochrek came upon it from behind.

The melee came to an end, allowing the heroes to call upon more light to see the last chamber at the back of the cave. Here they found that the jheblin kept a giant pile of shiny metal objects and coins. They were growing their young in little pods ringing the chamber, and in a hut underneath the pile of shinies were a number of female jheblin that chittered and shrieked but would not come out.

Despite some discussion to kill off the rest of the creatures, Natan left, refusing to be party to slaughtering women and children, bringing the rest of the group to their senses. They claimed their own possessions back, along with all of the coin from the pile and 5 healing potions that the jheblin had hung up in the room as decorations.

With a pile of coin, potions, and a griffon egg, along with damaged equipment and a wounded donkey, the party opted not to pursue their journey further into the desert and instead return to the city for now, and take the map out on a future journey.

Riches and Relics: What could possibly go wrong?
Under Dune Session 2

With Kale’s map in hand Yuri and Mathos agreed to travel with him while the others moved into the Guild house. Mathos reached out for help and Rishka a Golyath trap specialist joined them. They traveled along the Velvet road passing a hostile caravan and keeping their distance, they stayed at Last Rest. Leaving early before the heat started they headed up into the hills west of Blanos. The next day they found remains of some adventurers who died of a mixture of exposure wild animals and weapon injuries. While searching for more clues included a rubbing of Hieroglyphics they bumped into Telen a native of Blanos who lived in the deep dessert by choice and Wan Shu a lost soul who had been being cared for by an Auruk tribe having lost his memories. Telen was interested in a tomb so close to the city and they joined the party. That evening during Kale’s watch undead swarmed the campsite, skeletons ambushed them. The adventures moved quickly to protect each other and destroyed the majority of them when out of the darkness charged a Duhorov. He assisted them with the last of the skeletons. Kale greeted him in confusion, it turned out this was the hired assistant Archibald the rest of his guild had took with them into the Tomb. He had survived all this time on his own.

At last the next day they reached the Tomb of Benamunmemrhun As they entered down a long staircase they could see two bodies belonging to the past members of Under Dune impaled on spikes from the wall on the left. As they steeled themselves to continue a water trap unleased on them from above. They managed to ensure it wouldn’t activate again and dripping with water they searched the bodies retrieving some bolts and a couple of healing potions. The first room was filled with treasure and even though Rishka declared the room trap free, some of the others tossed one of the dead bodies into the room to Kale’s horror, nothing happened. Moving into the next room Yuir and Mathos in the lead they saw shambling Zombies. Forming a shield wall in the door way they waited for the undead to attack. Behind them Telen and Kale fired arrows. Rishka joined with her crossbow and Archibald used the power of the light to burn the undead. Wan shu unable to reach them went back to the corpse and retrieved a crossbow then proceeded to use it with, to his surprise, much skill.

Without even a scratch they moved along to another room, this one having been used to embalm the dead. At the entrance Rishka found and disable a trap that would have buried them all. As they examined the room a strange and horrifying creature dropped from the ceiling and landed on Telen. Looking like an skinless child covered in a see through goo it threw Wan Shu into a wall the party fell on it striking it tell it stopped moving and a few times even after it was still. The Duhorov knew a monster of the dark when they saw one and were a little shaken to see one this close to the surface. Wary now they moved down a long hallway only to have the floor open up benigth them dropping them in a shallow hold. Yuir laughed at it being only 10’ deep. They climbed out of the pit and entered a large tomb room with multiple sarcophagus. They were just looking around the room when one opened and a Mummy rose up. Kale shot it with a magic arrow vines holding it in place. It used dark magic against Telen but he stood strong against it. Wan Shu through oil and fire on it then standing back. Archibald and Mathos called on their gods to smite it with divine light and Yuri raised his shield and struck again and again with his Warhammer. The mummy reached forward and grabbed Yuri by the throat nearly killing him with its strength and necrotic power. At last it fell from the combined attacks as it did a magical trap blasted the whole room with ice nearly killing everyone. Quick use of medical kits and the last of their potions brought the fallen back from deaths door. Once they were sure the mummy would not rise again they looted the tomb and took their spoils back home.

They encountered no more trouble on the journey to Blanos but the guards seemed to be harsh and unkind for little or no reason. They mentioned that perhaps Seargent Pierce could be brought in to discuss things and the guards were quick to let them pass. They returned to the Guild hall with wealth and the knowledge that they had gained.

The First Adventure a Second Time
Under Dune Session 1

The captain Corander appeared concerned about how his reception would be in Blanos due to a past conflict. Yuri and Mathos were concerned but as soon as the party arrived the Captain was relived as his old friend Sergeant Pierce was waiting. The captain had told the party that he would be someone that may have a job for them. Yuri spoke to the sergeant and was offered a retrieval job. A warehouse had stolen crates in it being held by the Takers. He offered 60 each but Tagia talked him into a round 100 per person.
As they gathered up to discuss tactics and location a dispute between members of house Qumella and House Penteshar was noticed on the next peir over. Taiga and Sarafia both raised as nobles went over to see if they could help. Gabrial tried to get them to leave them alone. Their dispute was seen to be over a perceived insult. Both offered favor if the party would lend themselves as witnesses on their side. The party spoke with both Yuri determined that Qumella would have better booze so made his stance clear. As the party struggled to decide Qumellla offered money as well 100 each. Penteshar in return offered help finding a guild house on the cheap. The party sided with Qumella and signed the scroll.

Once they had dealt with the nobles the party traveled to the warehouse still in the dock district and staked out the target. they located two lookouts, Taiga and Gabreiel removed them with ease. They searched 2 sides of the building and decided to come through the front door. With Mathos and Yuri leading the charge. Arrow support from Gabrial and Taiga. Caiside hacking the takers up with her great axe and Sarafia burning them with her arcane power. It appeared the battle would be short but then 4 more takers dropped from the rafters more deadly if they had all kept their footing. As the party torn into the remaining takers, 1 fled through the back door and a lantern was knocked over starting a small fire. Yuri chassed the runner to the door and dropped him with a throwing axe to the back of the head. Caside then lifted the table up and smothered the fire with it. The crates were full of silver trade bars from the bank, the party deliberated of the proper course to take the money or complete the job.

They decided to take the crates back to Seargent Pierce. Carts that had been hired to arrive at the location without knowing their purpose arrived and the party bribed the drivers to assist in moving the crates. After they completed the job the party gathered at a local in to discuss their options, with the money collected from the job and the nobles bribe they had enough to form a guild. Kale Talespinner approached the party and made them an unusual offer. He was the only survivor of his guild Under Dune. He offered them all membership if they were willing to help him with his back rent. The others mulled it over and both Tagia and Gabrial wanted to check over his books to see how in debt he was. He brought them to his guild house and they attempt to determine the state of the guild. They found bad book keeping but that he was 2 months behind. Kale then informed the party he had a map to a Rare ancient tomb near Blanos. They gathered everyone and it was decided they would bail Under Dune out of debt in return for membership.

Once Upon a Time in Blanos
The Adventure Begins...

We start our journey on a ship bound for Blanos. Arsinoe Mayami, Lunariqui, Soro Cowedo’wecu , and Natan the Gray are aboard, heading for their first visit to the city, each for their own reasons. On the way, their ship stops at the trade city of Virde briefly to resupply before continuing on it’s course. Their arrival was delayed when a storm blew them slightly off course, but they were able to stop at one of the neighboring coastal cities and find which direction that they needed to go to complete their journey. This side stop also allowed them to pick up what ended up being the last member of their party, Ochrek din Whah edin Whih.

They arrived in Blanos without further trouble, only to find themselves immediately put in the middle of a pre-existing conflict. The captain of the ship, Captain Cornander, had an outstanding conflict with a Sergeant Pashtu, who may or may not have been an upstanding member of the city. The adventurers were asked to assist the Captain in avoiding arrest by what he said was a crooked officer, and that payment would be half their fare for the journey. While they all had their own reasons for doing so, all of the adventurers chose to support the captain and fight the sergeant and his guards. In return, not only did Captain Cornander pay them, but he also helped them find work in the city so that they would be on their way to forming their own adventuring guild. A goal that the adventurers decided on after working together to save the Captain from Sergeant Pashtu.



Captain Cornander introduced them to the possibility of a number of jobs, but the one that caught their interest was one involving assisting the Taker’s Guild. They gathered at a hookah shop to meet Keshekh of the Takers, who gave them the details of the job.

A certain family within the city had 3 paintings commissioned, and Keshekh assured the adventurers that the costly paintings would be better off sold and the money put back into supporting the city instead of lingering in a sprawling manor for no one to see. Any items that were found in the process of locating the paintings were up for grabs. He also informed the group that while the manor was usually well guarded, the family would be leaving the city shortly and the guards would be much reduced.

Keshekh assigned an urchin by the name of Poag to escort the group to the manor. With the assistance of a number of silver coins, he first showed them to a high end shop in the Silk District where Arsinoe and Lunariqui purchased gowns so that they could better blend in to the area. It was at this time that the party met Darzin, a member of the Guild of the Night. His opinion of the party is yet unknown, but Poag was very nervous around him and tried (unsuccessfully) to avoid his notice. Soro decided to scope out the location from the outside, while Lunariqui and Arsinoe posed as Lunari tourists and gained entrance to the manor itself. Natan and Ochrek, who had posed as a guard and a slave, waited outside.

Once they had cased the location, the adventurers came up with a plan. Ochrek waited outside, with a plan to alert him in case he was needed for help or a distraction. Natan, Soro, Arsinoe, and Lunariqui crept inside using a grappling hook and rope, carefully timed around the guards rotation on the walls. Once inside the walls, they made their way to the servant’s entrance and inside to look for the paintings.

There were guards inside the manor, but the party started out well in dispatching them quietly and without attracting unwanted attention or alarm. The situation got considerably more difficult when they happened upon 2 guards… in the latrine. One was able to raise the alarm, and the party ended up in a rough fight with the remaining guards and a number of guard dogs.


The group managed to both make it out alive from the fight, but not without some damage. Both Soro and Lunariqui were seriously injured, although Ochrek’s entrance into the manor helped keep any other damage to a minimum. The party was also able to collect the paintings, as well as a considerable chunk of change to add to the coffers of their soon to be guild.


The party evaded notice from the city guard, but before they could meet back up with Keshekh to turn in the paintings they were stopped by thieves. The situation would have turned into another fight (and one they might not have been able to win) had it not been for the lucky arrival of Darzin. He chased off the footpads and left the party confused about his motives for assisting them. His assistance did allow the party to finish their task and collect 1500 GP from the Taker’s Guild, along with the loot that they had taken from the manor.


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