The Eternal Emperor of Man, king of Praedia, lich


1165 NW – A powerful wizard named Calatinus becomes king of Praedia. He envisions a united human race under his banner and begins to attack and conquer other nations.

1189 NW – Calatinus’ aggressive military expansion leads to Praedia becoming an empire spanning from the Solistine ocean all the way to the Impassible Reaches.

1200 NW – Calatinus enacts dark, eldritch magic to become a lich and proclaims himself the Eternal Emperor of Man. All other wizards are beheaded, but sorcery lives on in his armies to persecute the religious.

1231 NW – The last of the Duhorov retreat to the Cirges Mountains and the Quista finish disappearing into the forests in hiding.

1482 NW / 0 FE – The death of Emperor Calatinus at the hands of Praxean paladins shakes the world. Half a century of war ensues as mankind seeks to establish a new order. Much magical and technological progress is lost. Later, the calendar is reset to commemorate the Fall of the Empire.


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