Rogard de Mascón

Wily human adventurer-turned-politician


Rogard de Mascón, now a famous man, conceived of a way to afford the exorbitant cost [of buying a travel charter]. He made deals with other treasure-seekers and pooled all of their funds together. These he presented to the council [of Blanos] and demanded that they allow him to buy a charter. Constrained by their own law, the council grudgingly allowed him—a commoner—to buy travel-right.

With this, the first adventuring guild was born. Soon, others were imitating the clever Rogard, and the council had handed out over two score charters in less than a fortnight.


Rogard now owns the Castila de Rogarda, his own palace at the highest hilltop of the Sword District of Blanos. He has retired from adventuring actively and instead manages his fortunes and plays at politics in the city.

Rogard de Mascón

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