Kheshekh din Tsug


Kheshekh is an agent of the Takers Guild that has been friendly with the Grave Endeavors since they first appeared in the city. He’s lined up work for them and been a point of contact for further work for the Takers.

Kheshekh dresses in embroidered silks and finery, smells of the finest perfumes and wears kohl on his eyes like a harlot. He’s flirted with men and women alike, and has an androgynous air of sensuality.


When the House of Nidoor began pursuing the Grave Endeavors over the theft of their paintings (at Kheshekh’s behest), the Takers found out about his personal vendetta and he spent a month being beaten whenever he showed no fresh bruises.

He helped the guild turn attention onto Mazzazz the Shiftless, a scoundrel that has been known to upset and profit from a great many powerful people.

Kheshekh din Tsug

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