The Golden Sands of Irukhtir

Trouble in the back streets

Under Dune Session 3

The summer heat was crushing the city of Blanos, most folk spending the days asleep and activities shifting to the night. The members of Under Dune began to notice that beggars gathering in the streets near their guild house. After a couple of days it was found that Wan Shu had been feeding them and they loved him. The other guild members including Rishka and Yuri convinced Wan Shu to stop. Later that day some guardsmen came through the area and dispersed the beggars, Wan Shu followed them to the dust district and helped out at a local soup kitchen. Cedric arrived at the guild house that evening invited by Telen who found him in the desert. He began working on deciphering the rubbing of some wall carvings retrieved on the party’s last trip to the desert. After another couple of days Cedric left his seclusion unable to figure the strange symbols. Yuri, Rishka and Caiside agreed to buy a map and see if they can locate more information. After working with some of her old contacts Rishka was able to buy a map. They gathered their resources to leave into the heat of the desert.

Cart was loaded and ready pulled by 2 mules and driven by Yuri. The sun neared the horizon when out of the dying light a gryphon dove and struck one of the mules killing it instantly and then biting and throwing Caside against a wall. The party noticed that the Gryphon was wearing a noble houses barding but had broken reins, Yuri leapt onto it trying to control it, while Cedric used his magic to calm it down. Wan Shu moved the wagon back inside the guild house courtyard. Just as they got it under control two ogres arrived wearing the same tabard as the gryphon. They attempted to intimidate the party but were ignored. Rishka, Yuri and Caiside are able to convince them to leave the party alone and to send a representative to talk damages. The orges left arguing with each other, as they rounded the corner Caside noticed a beggar leaning on his crutch watching them. She and Rishka cornered him and demanded to know why he was spying on them. He denied that he was there to cause them issues. When they didn’t let up he rang a bell on his right hand. Beggars armed and ready swarmed out of the allies surrounding the guild house. Yuri and Cedric moved to be safe. Wan Shu cut off a large group and negotiated them to pull back right as the beggar struck a mighty blow with his crutch driving Caiside back. The beggars pulled the limping man away ending the conflict.

The group decided to rest and try again the next day. They met with the representative of House Bendashar who paid them 100 gold for the damages cause by the gryphon agreeing to let the whole thing go. At last the party left Blanos and headed into the dessert, the map showed the tomb 8 days travel from Last Rest. After a refreshing stay there, they entered the full summer heat. The first few days were hard going but as they entered the middle of the trip Cedric became sunsick the party camped under tarps and used goodberry’s to extend their food until he recovered after two days. Once he recovered they headed on to the tomb. It was located inside a sand dune. It had been excavated sometime in the past but the door was still sealed. Rishka and Yuri worked on opening the tomb door while Cedric took a rubbing of the markings on the front of the tomb. The others prepped for what waited for them. Holding touches then decided into the darkness. Almost as soon as they reached the first room a Wight charged them wielding a great axe made from bone and with a scythe like blade. It struck hard and fast injuring multiple members of the party Yuri offered the axe to Caside who felt it was to flimsy to be worth it but carried it none the less.

After moving through a series of empty rooms dusty with age the hall ended splitting to either side, to the right a door trapped with magic to the left a decorated and locked door. As they unlocked the door Ceric once again took rubbings of the markings around the door to further his research. Rishka deactivated a pit trap and the rest followed her into a smaller chamber with a portcullis blocking their way. Caside watched the hallway behind as she didn’t trust the ease of their journey. Yuri and lifted portcullis part way and Caside assisted with the rest, Wan Shu stepped into the room, as he did torches lit around 4 sarcophagus that opened at once. Climbing up were three zombies and their master. Dropping the portcullis and standing back to fight these monsters at range seemed the best plan. The mummy moved from view to a side wall and moments later the portcullis opened letting the zombies through. Yuri stood strong to hold them back and Caside struck from the side. Cedric prepared his magics while Rishka and Wan struck from a distance. Just then the floor fell out from beneath them as the Mummy activated the trap. While the party killed the zombies with ease Cedric was sorely hurt and took another potion to heal.

Yuri leapt out of the pit with the assistance of the others to hold the Mummy at bay while the rest of the party followed him up. Caside after her first blow seemed not to affect the creature swaped it for the Bone bladed axe she had looted. They fought around the sarcophagus until at last the undead monster collapsed. Searing the room they gathered much treasure and a strange garnet on a necklace shaped like an ancient eye. Cedric supported Rishka in breaking through the magic defenses on the door they had skipped before. Using the Wight’s body they triggered an acid trap that flowed from the ceiling. Then lowered the eye into the well disabling the trap on the large chest but all are blasted by a lighting trap. Using the last of their potions they were able to open the chest in the back of the room taking more treasure from the Tomb. Slowly making their way out of the darkness they headed home to Blanos richer but tired and needing to restore their supplies.


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