The Golden Sands of Irukhtir

Once Upon a Time in Blanos

The Adventure Begins...

We start our journey on a ship bound for Blanos. Arsinoe Mayami, Lunariqui, Soro Cowedo’wecu , and Natan the Gray are aboard, heading for their first visit to the city, each for their own reasons. On the way, their ship stops at the trade city of Virde briefly to resupply before continuing on it’s course. Their arrival was delayed when a storm blew them slightly off course, but they were able to stop at one of the neighboring coastal cities and find which direction that they needed to go to complete their journey. This side stop also allowed them to pick up what ended up being the last member of their party, Ochrek din Whah edin Whih.

They arrived in Blanos without further trouble, only to find themselves immediately put in the middle of a pre-existing conflict. The captain of the ship, Captain Cornander, had an outstanding conflict with a Sergeant Pashtu, who may or may not have been an upstanding member of the city. The adventurers were asked to assist the Captain in avoiding arrest by what he said was a crooked officer, and that payment would be half their fare for the journey. While they all had their own reasons for doing so, all of the adventurers chose to support the captain and fight the sergeant and his guards. In return, not only did Captain Cornander pay them, but he also helped them find work in the city so that they would be on their way to forming their own adventuring guild. A goal that the adventurers decided on after working together to save the Captain from Sergeant Pashtu.



Captain Cornander introduced them to the possibility of a number of jobs, but the one that caught their interest was one involving assisting the Taker’s Guild. They gathered at a hookah shop to meet Keshekh of the Takers, who gave them the details of the job.

A certain family within the city had 3 paintings commissioned, and Keshekh assured the adventurers that the costly paintings would be better off sold and the money put back into supporting the city instead of lingering in a sprawling manor for no one to see. Any items that were found in the process of locating the paintings were up for grabs. He also informed the group that while the manor was usually well guarded, the family would be leaving the city shortly and the guards would be much reduced.

Keshekh assigned an urchin by the name of Poag to escort the group to the manor. With the assistance of a number of silver coins, he first showed them to a high end shop in the Silk District where Arsinoe and Lunariqui purchased gowns so that they could better blend in to the area. It was at this time that the party met Darzin, a member of the Guild of the Night. His opinion of the party is yet unknown, but Poag was very nervous around him and tried (unsuccessfully) to avoid his notice. Soro decided to scope out the location from the outside, while Lunariqui and Arsinoe posed as Lunari tourists and gained entrance to the manor itself. Natan and Ochrek, who had posed as a guard and a slave, waited outside.

Once they had cased the location, the adventurers came up with a plan. Ochrek waited outside, with a plan to alert him in case he was needed for help or a distraction. Natan, Soro, Arsinoe, and Lunariqui crept inside using a grappling hook and rope, carefully timed around the guards rotation on the walls. Once inside the walls, they made their way to the servant’s entrance and inside to look for the paintings.

There were guards inside the manor, but the party started out well in dispatching them quietly and without attracting unwanted attention or alarm. The situation got considerably more difficult when they happened upon 2 guards… in the latrine. One was able to raise the alarm, and the party ended up in a rough fight with the remaining guards and a number of guard dogs.


The group managed to both make it out alive from the fight, but not without some damage. Both Soro and Lunariqui were seriously injured, although Ochrek’s entrance into the manor helped keep any other damage to a minimum. The party was also able to collect the paintings, as well as a considerable chunk of change to add to the coffers of their soon to be guild.


The party evaded notice from the city guard, but before they could meet back up with Keshekh to turn in the paintings they were stopped by thieves. The situation would have turned into another fight (and one they might not have been able to win) had it not been for the lucky arrival of Darzin. He chased off the footpads and left the party confused about his motives for assisting them. His assistance did allow the party to finish their task and collect 1500 GP from the Taker’s Guild, along with the loot that they had taken from the manor.


Malkom Sadeth

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