The Golden Sands of Irukhtir

Riches and Relics: What could possibly go wrong?

Under Dune Session 2

With Kale’s map in hand Yuri and Mathos agreed to travel with him while the others moved into the Guild house. Mathos reached out for help and Rishka a Golyath trap specialist joined them. They traveled along the Velvet road passing a hostile caravan and keeping their distance, they stayed at Last Rest. Leaving early before the heat started they headed up into the hills west of Blanos. The next day they found remains of some adventurers who died of a mixture of exposure wild animals and weapon injuries. While searching for more clues included a rubbing of Hieroglyphics they bumped into Telen a native of Blanos who lived in the deep dessert by choice and Wan Shu a lost soul who had been being cared for by an Auruk tribe having lost his memories. Telen was interested in a tomb so close to the city and they joined the party. That evening during Kale’s watch undead swarmed the campsite, skeletons ambushed them. The adventures moved quickly to protect each other and destroyed the majority of them when out of the darkness charged a Duhorov. He assisted them with the last of the skeletons. Kale greeted him in confusion, it turned out this was the hired assistant Archibald the rest of his guild had took with them into the Tomb. He had survived all this time on his own.

At last the next day they reached the Tomb of Benamunmemrhun As they entered down a long staircase they could see two bodies belonging to the past members of Under Dune impaled on spikes from the wall on the left. As they steeled themselves to continue a water trap unleased on them from above. They managed to ensure it wouldn’t activate again and dripping with water they searched the bodies retrieving some bolts and a couple of healing potions. The first room was filled with treasure and even though Rishka declared the room trap free, some of the others tossed one of the dead bodies into the room to Kale’s horror, nothing happened. Moving into the next room Yuir and Mathos in the lead they saw shambling Zombies. Forming a shield wall in the door way they waited for the undead to attack. Behind them Telen and Kale fired arrows. Rishka joined with her crossbow and Archibald used the power of the light to burn the undead. Wan shu unable to reach them went back to the corpse and retrieved a crossbow then proceeded to use it with, to his surprise, much skill.

Without even a scratch they moved along to another room, this one having been used to embalm the dead. At the entrance Rishka found and disable a trap that would have buried them all. As they examined the room a strange and horrifying creature dropped from the ceiling and landed on Telen. Looking like an skinless child covered in a see through goo it threw Wan Shu into a wall the party fell on it striking it tell it stopped moving and a few times even after it was still. The Duhorov knew a monster of the dark when they saw one and were a little shaken to see one this close to the surface. Wary now they moved down a long hallway only to have the floor open up benigth them dropping them in a shallow hold. Yuir laughed at it being only 10’ deep. They climbed out of the pit and entered a large tomb room with multiple sarcophagus. They were just looking around the room when one opened and a Mummy rose up. Kale shot it with a magic arrow vines holding it in place. It used dark magic against Telen but he stood strong against it. Wan Shu through oil and fire on it then standing back. Archibald and Mathos called on their gods to smite it with divine light and Yuri raised his shield and struck again and again with his Warhammer. The mummy reached forward and grabbed Yuri by the throat nearly killing him with its strength and necrotic power. At last it fell from the combined attacks as it did a magical trap blasted the whole room with ice nearly killing everyone. Quick use of medical kits and the last of their potions brought the fallen back from deaths door. Once they were sure the mummy would not rise again they looted the tomb and took their spoils back home.

They encountered no more trouble on the journey to Blanos but the guards seemed to be harsh and unkind for little or no reason. They mentioned that perhaps Seargent Pierce could be brought in to discuss things and the guards were quick to let them pass. They returned to the Guild hall with wealth and the knowledge that they had gained.


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